Collective commitment for you

Our Team

Everybody is talking about team spirit; Trium Novem is living it. Established building professionals and ambitious graduates, relaxed, advanced and thrilling experts – we enable everybody to participate with their individual personality. To the benefit of the company – and our clients.

Despite all differences, our patience and enthusiasm for the collective goal connect us: the realisation of turnkey constructions within the highest quality. We achieve this with a strong team, defeats are no option. Well, maybe it is within the football table tournaments at an after work beer. At least for some of us.

Calmness meets expertise – that’s Alexander. Our Specialist for dry construction knows his profession and at the construction site, nobody can fool him anyway.

AlexanderProject Manager turnkey construction

Creative juggler of ideas and humorous team player. Ensures good vibes regarding work ethics and backs up our boss. Antonia is more or less his right-hand women. And sometimes even his left one, too.

AntoniaManagement assistance

Amir doesn’t know any problems, only solutions. He plans, coordinates and manages construction projects with mindfulness and understanding for each customer request – with an admirable endurance.

AmirProject Manager turnkey construction

The most extraordinary about Belana is, without a doubt, her name. Oh yes, and her versatility, her precision concerning the project, and her sense of responsibility. Did we mention her strong communication skills? With pleasure.

BelanaProject Manager turnkey construction

Wherever Ana is, there is life. In her case, temperament and organizational skills do not exclude each other. This way, in our office everything is placed where it belongs to. And if you have any questions, Ana is nearby.

AnaManagement assistance

This man has a plan and handcraft background. As a skilled and educated carpenter he knows exactly what’s important on building sites. He keeps his head cool, even if it gets tricky.

ChristophProject Manager turnkey construction/Planning

Dominik comes from the depth of tunnel construction, but he is still in love with details. This man loves technology and keeps an eye on each detail. Moreover, he is a careful and humorous colleague.

DominikProject Manager turnkey construction

Jennifer, our dual citizen: she is always there for her coworkers in Offenburg, but also feels comfortable in the vastness of the internet. Staying in contact with all our clients and partners, regardless the kind of the channel of communication.

JenniferPlanning assistance

What others only calculate or sketch, Joana puts into the picture. That's what she masters, even right after her vocational training. Her restraint is deceptive: she knows what she’s able to do. And where she wants to go.


Thinker, manager, decision-maker. Jonathan is happy to face new challenges, having always an eye on the customer requests. He takes the lead regarding new projects but would be nothing without his team.


Our cosmopolitan – and our all-rounder. He lived in Lübeck, Marburg, Lyon, and Canada, is a master carpenter and master roofer, and, last but not least, he is an experienced civil engineer. Shortly, Patrik pitches in with brains.

PatrikProject Manager turnkey construction

There are always turbulent days. But Regina stays relaxed – no matter what’s coming up! Her organizational talent and her positiv attitude help enormously. Yourselves and everyone around you, wonderful.

ReginaManagement assistance

Old hand in the construction business, but always with his finger on the pulse. Likes to hold the reins, but leaves room for new ideas. His motto: Quality is the result of working hand in hand.


A building has to fulfill its purpose – of course. But Lorain makes sure that it looks impressive at the same time. Her competence is the key, her creativity the bonus.


Tender essence, structured mindset, ambitious character. In order to gain the overall picture she likes to take a look behind the scenes. Or simply by asking the right questions.


Not many words needed, Romain turns them rather into action. Internal as well as external construction processes are well known and he is focused on an on-time and high-quality project realisation. Hand on it.

RomainProject Manager turnkey construction

She links conscientiousness with kindness, thirst for knowledge with well-thinking. A good mix for accompanying projects with success. And when a problem occurs, Yvonne manages to smile it away. Really.

YvonneProject assistance

“I just remembered something” – As a structural engineer, Nico loves this joke. He has a great sense of humor, while his calculations are clever in every detail. That’s a matter of honour.


Leadership and his great willingness to help do not represent a contradiction for Raoul. If challenges arise, he quickly gains an overview – and most of the time he has already a solution in mind. This helps enormously, especially for the team.

RaoulTechnical manager turnkey construction

As accurate our construction works are, as exact is our accounting. Sophie is in control of finance, and conscientiousness is more or less her second name. But Sophie is way more beautiful.