Our business

From a dream to a dream property

Sometimes, this can be a long and difficult path to go. In order to change this, Trium Novem was founded in Offenburg.
As general contractor in the area of Südbaden and Südwürttemberg, we know an abbreviation: not only do we construct residential buildings but also buildings for industry, trade or commerce, as well as properties for health and care; from the initial idea to the finished building (and beyond) there is everything from one source.

For property owners, Trium Novem provides not only the entire planning and project management within the realization phase but also supports our clients even after finishing the turnkey construction of the building. We don’t let you down, for sure. A comprehensive property management is part of our service, and on request we offer additional support after our clients moved into the building. We take good care, so our customers are able to spend all their resources on their vision.

We connect, cooperate and synergize skills in an innovative manner – and Trium Novem is the control center.
How we act

Passionate, innovative, different.

That’s Trium Novem. Our committed team out of grown building professionals has many years of experience and know-how. For us, a proper, on-time and cost-reliable execution of all projects is a matter of course. What makes us different: we connect, cooperate and synergize skills in an innovative manner – and Trium Novem is the control center.

One construction, one goal, one contact person – that is our motto. In order to make the project realization as pleasant and easy-going for our clients as possible, we can rely on a well-established network of cooperation partners. In this context, we keep in mind the needs of all involved stakeholders, rely on good interactions and reliability and come together in regular intervals. We keep with our commitments – from the equipment to the construction period to the price. On request, even with total warranty.

In order to comply with our own expectations, we take new paths. Our maxime is based on Lean Management, effectivity and efficiency. For us, it is not important doing anything but doing things right. Therefore, expertise forms the basis, and our enthusiasm is the bonus.

Okay, we admit it, our story it is quite short, so far. But now the time has come to make history.

A historical significant date

1st May

  • 1896
    On that date, thousands of workers demonstrated for their rights in the USA. Labour Day is born.
  • 1931
    The world’s tallest building rises 381 meters up high into the sky. The Empire State Building in New York is inaugurated.
  • 2004
    The greatest expansion in the European history. Ten new states become part of the EU.
  • 2021
    Trium Novem is ready to be initiated in Offenburg. It is the beginning of a great history.