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BIM / 3D Visualization / VR Glasses

„We create solutions for new problems and thereby develop prototypes that shape the construction industry“

— Jonathan Kress, founder and Managing Director

Building Information Modeling

We Value BIM

Building Information Modeling – in short, BIM

Our experts and partners in the field of BIM create virtual models based on their vision that revolutionize the planning, execution, and management of construction projects. With BIM, you can enjoy the highest precision and efficiency in all construction phases. This advanced technology enables a seamless collaboration between architects, engineers, and construction companies, saving time and money. Sources of error are minimized, and productivity is maximized.

3D Visualization

The great advantage of a 3D visualization is the detail. In the first step, all disciplines provide their data. These are summarized in one project and the first model gets created. The 3D visualization gives important insights for all specialist fields that planning in 2D cannot provide. It lays open potential problems at an early stage, allowing them to be already solved in the planning phase. Consequently, advanced planning in 3D also leads to error prevention and minimizes cost-intensive corrections.

3D Visualisierung und 3D Animation

Visualization at the highest level

Meta Quest Pro – VR Glasses

Welcome to the future

Virtual Showroom

Our virtual showroom offers the opportunity to experience your visions in virtual reality and thereby ensures that all details of the construction project meet your expectations. With this innovative technology, it is possible to experience the premises even before the construction begins. Experience a unique tour and thereby make forward-looking decisions for your project.